Rizwanul Haque Alvin


92 to 74kg
Morning- 4-6 whole eggs,, and oats with almond milk( egg white khele parle better but i hate wasting)

12-1pm fruits , any kinds of nuts( almond and cashewnut preffered)
Lunch- 2 chicken breast grilled or 300-400gm fish..

6pm- some peanut butter with brown bread is fine and cheese.. olpo kichu snacks is fine too..

9pm grilled meat again,, dupure chicken khele raat e fish khai and vice versa… just to change the taste..

DRING PLENTY OF WATER AND AVOID SUGAR AND SALT.. sugar stores fat and too excessive salt retains water..

I avoid rice .. maybe once or twice a week brown rice khai..

We are humans ,, we skip meals, have cheat meal but jototuku possible try kori..

I am not a fitness expert so everything i do might not be 100% healthy.. i just shared my journey..rest is up to you

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