Recap of my journey


I have started almost 5 years back and that time i had target. Because without any target you can’t go and achieve your goal.

So for a start :
1. Build the foundation in your mind what and how you wanna do it.
2. start the diet and add elements in your food plan according to your activities. Then you will see the actual result.
3. Add workout activities and dont just do it , but do it with proper knowledge, otherwise no result will come.
4. Always try to be motivated yourself with good thoughts.

How i see the result : After 5 years of my journey one day i was doing workout and my instructor says , mash allah …from now on you just go for maintaining…. you are one step ahead what i was thought.
I called this a achievement. I dont compare with others, what i do i fight with myself. For me i always look for motivation inside me. Its not always others who motivates me in a good way , but its me who push myself in a freak way always .

So be positive , be active , be motivational, and so be sharing , dont be jealous of others success, because you have your own.

Happy fitness guys

Note: its a old picture with motivational words.

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