Mainul Haque Mahi


When I started to do gym with Diet. It took only 10 weeks to bring down 14 kg weight.
[97 kg to 83 kg] And Before 10 week I used to follow only diet plans but didn’t do workouts or any kind of gym. at that time I lost 4 kg with in 8 weeks.
[101 kg to 97 kg] Tips:
What I done at Gym
Regular Cardio workouts( Don’t do heavy weight gym)
Duration: 1.5 hr
What I done for diet Control:
1. Avoided all kind of rice and carbohydrates.
2. Used to eat apples a lot.
3. Honey with boiled water and lemon at morning.
4. Plain toast biscuits at morning.
5. Vegetables and apples at lunch.
6. Apples/ Guava at afternoon.
7. Milk and Apple at dinner.

When I combined Gym and diet, I really started to get result.
#StayHealthy 🙂

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