Amelia Sabrin

Amelia Sabrin‎

iet chart:
General rules.don’t lose is a long process and takes time.1st step:complete liquid diet for 2 weeks.only homemade soup,sugarfree juice,warm lemon water will be included.
2nd step :
Brkfst with one handmade bread with oil free vegetables.
Lunch with 500 gm cucumber.
Snacks with jambura or apple or orange….
Dinner with 500 gm cucumber.
Lukewarm lemon water 4 times a day…
Must do’s:walk daily for 1 hr and gradually increase with ur capacity.
Adequate water intake…
Take dinner before 8 pm..
Must dont’s:avoid all types of carbohydrates and processed meat, fat,fast food, drinks,ice-cream, chocolate.
Don’t forget breakfast.
Don’t starve.
Don’t skip any meal.
Don’t sleep at noon.
NB:check ur blood pressure.
If u feel weak u can add an egg in ur breakfast…
Get a personal weight machine and measure ur weight every 3 days.weight should be measured in same machine.
It is my own personal diet regime not prescribed by any doctor…
Mental strength is the main key…
Thank u all….. 😊😊

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