Tamanna Tabassum Broty

Tamanna Tabassum Broty‎

Hello everyone!!!
I hope you are keeping yourself healthy. 🙂
I have been added to this group today by my friend and seems like very helpful.
I must share my story of being fit. I have always been ‘fat’. I actually never cared about that. But in 2014, I got to realise that it’s time to keep myself healthy. Btw, I completed my graduation on 2012.
First it took few weeks to prepare myself mentally. Then I visited dietitian Dr.Shamsunnahar of Central hospital. I started my mission on april 19, 2014. I was 64. I started taking homemade foods timely and never missed my one-hour walk for a single day until my wedding day, December 27,2014. No, I didn’t start losing weight because of my wedding, I didn’t even know that I’d get married then. I had to bear criticism from my friends as because I used to walk even when we went for outing and I took salad instead of junk foods. I lost 14kgs in 8months.
I must mention this 8months were very stressful for me. I was pretty disturbed with my professional and personal life. But I never made that an excuse. Infact my fitness led me to be positive and to become easy with each problem. I didn’t want to be slim and sexy, I wanted to be fit and positive.
I never felt dizzy or weak or sick. Because my diet chart was full of proper foods.
Here is my transition.
Red dress…Nov 2014
Green dress…January 2014

Unfortunately I am 56 again after marriage. 🙁
And special thanks to Arpita Tasnim for gearing me up always

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